It is hard to explain why here, in the vicinity of Nizhnii Novgorod and Pavlov-on-Oka are the goose fights held. It is not to be confused with a rifle hunting for goose, oh no. Every year, in one of the March Sundays, the main event for all goose owners is held- goose fight. This year it’s in Pavlov-on-Oka, last year it took place in Zavolzhie, Kalikino village. Every participant brings his “artel” (herd). Usually it’s one male goose with 3-4 females. There is always a favorite female-goose. Nizhnii Novgorod people call it Luboshnaja, kuriane call it Lubimka. She is there to instigate the male-goose to fight. Some owners bring 3-4 herds. The rules of fight are simple. Goose fights with his wings and grabs the opponent with his bill. Goose is only allowed to grab opponent’s leg once and his head – three times. Otherwise he is disqualified. If the fighter fled the field, he is considered lost. Fight can be as short as five minutes or as long as an hour.